Thursday, June 16, 2011

An Afternoon at Little Rann of Kutch

Little Rann of Kutch, known as LRK to us, where ‘Nothing’ is ‘Everything’. This empty space has so many things to share amongst the people who want to explore some most amazing places in the world. I had seen thousands of images from the place stating uncomplicated beauty of Nature. Without any appointments this place is entertaining ‘N-number’ of nature lovers & photographers from all around the world. I am not an exceptional case too, and visited LRK for many times whenever I get loops from common man’s life, thinking what unusual & special this place can offer! & every time I have returned with no complains; totally satisfied.

I am thoroughly stunned seeing the disproportion that connects the wildlife prevailing there, people established there & the nature in its most complex form. Out of many vivid elements of flora and fauna in there, Indian Wild Ass (Equus hemionus khur) is my favorite, you know why? Because it can tolerably fit well into my 400mm telephoto lens. I have tried many compositions keeping Wild Ass as a prime subject, but finally after four visits I am able to discover what attaches the animals & the place as single constituent, and that is “Mirage in Sun-drenched Afternoon”

It was afternoon, & the Sun was intense enough to have you a second thought about burning your sensors. Ignoring the situation, I wanted to try some images of Wild Ass. I moved out of the car, located the animals and they were emerging like floated elements on the water surface because of heat waves. Horizon was missing, & fluttering ‘Mirage’ effect was just unbelievable. I decided to make an image of a bunch, standing calm & steady on the floating edge of hesitated horizon. They looked taller than they are. Shutter was disturbed for two times and I made my way back.
Sometimes we don’t have to give so much before we hit the subject off and this was the state of affairs where there is nothing between us & the nature, not even the camera. I consider this afternoon as one of my most amazing wildlife moments.

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  1. absolutely breath-taking capture!
    raw and untouched nature



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